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About my experience

In general

As you read under "about me", I draw my knowledge from over 30 years in business roles and as a coaching leader in various organizations, and from working as an external consultant and coach, often internationally and in several languages. For my sparring/coaching I also draw from my over 40 years of practicing body and mind training (martial arts, yoga, etc.). My responsibilities included: > Business development, sales, and marketing – roles from key account manager to department manager and management team member. > Often, these roles also required driving change processes involving several departments (see further below). > Business and organizational consulting. > Leadership development and coaching. > Sales training > Management of an international training and demo center.

Languages: SV, NL, EN, FR, (DE).​​​

Additional experience for my consulting

I help with insights from different types of markets I worked in, such as: > Security, fire safety and building automation solutions (Siemens Building Technologies) > The satellite industry (Thales Alenia Space) > Digital pre-press industry (Agfa Graphic Systems) > Sustainable energy solutions for the public sector (VEB, independent authority) Besides that, as international consultant (Mercuri Urval) I mainly worked with B2B sales strategy & organization, and also with leadership development.

I also know how to improve collaboration between departments to strengthen the organization's positioning and operational efficiency, as well as cultivating a healthy culture. Some examples of concrete results:   > More proactive consultation and better handover between departments (sales, technology, operations, service, business management).   > Better balancing of customer focus, profitability, and risk management, through e.g. more professional contract management - from sales to customer service.

In addition, I have been involved in several change projects:   > Organizational development to meet the market's development from analogue to digital solutions.   > The expansion of more efficient organizational processes and systems (ERP/CRM) to enable growth.   > Developing from a 'multilocal' to a truly international organization to answer the needs of international customers.   > Organizational development to enter the high-end market with larger customer organizations.   > Diversification of the service portfolio to reduce exposure to market fluctuations.

Additional experience for my sparring/coaching

When leading colleagues, directly and indirectly, I realized that it was crucial that they further developed their self-drive, and that I could best support them with a coaching leadership style. I started sparring/coaching others also and was struck by how we can better ‘steer’ ourselves when we improve our insight into and utilization of both our rational and intuitive skills. I then broadened and deepened my competences with both professional coaching courses (see below), methods based on neuroscientific insights into how the brain, body and emotions affect each other, and insights from my own body and mind training. Coaching courses: > Strength Based Coaching, Prof. Em. F. Korthagen, The Netherlands. > Core-Reflection Based Coaching, idem as above > Catalytic Coaching Step 1 (ICF Level 2-accredited training program), Gothia Academy, Sweden. > Catalytic Coaching Step 2, idem as above

Up to C- and Boardlevel.

Languages: SV, NL, EN, FR, (DE).

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