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Professional Sparring/Coaching

For you as a leader and as a co-worker

Your reality today involves continuous change, new opportunities, new challenges, and less clearly defined roles. This demands a lot from you: you want and need to work efficiently and goal-oriented, at the same time be flexible, and, equally important, take care of your stress management and personal development. You realize that, in addition to expertise, it is also crucial to have a strong ability to consciously steer your thinking, decision-making and actions. If you are a leader, you also know that tailored co-worker development gives the high return of more efficient and healthier co-workers who are also more likely to stay. Finally, you know that working with a good professional sparring partner/coach can help you move forward better and faster.

So what is specific to my sparring/coaching approach?

Are you more rational-logically focused or more intuitively focused? In my way of sparring/coaching, I use a flexibility so that it suits both orientations. Both orientations have their advantages and pitfalls. I am convinced that the key to effective and sustainable self-steering is to strengthen both our rational thinking and our intuitive competence, and to combine them optimally.

I combine insights and concrete methods from my own broad professional experience (see link below), professional coaching education, neuroscience, and my own body and mind training. As with my consulting, here too, I help my clients on two levels at the same time: > In dealing with their concrete current challenge, of course. > To develop a ‘self-steering’ that is effective and goal oriented, as well as healthy and sustainable. Here, the latter is about the steering of one’s own thinking, decision-making and actions. I use the word steering to emphasize that you do it actively and purposefully. It requires a strong inner compass, a strong drive, and a powerful grip on the helm. This is achieved by combining increased insight with concrete practical tools.

Up to C- and Board level.

Languages: SV, NL, EN, FR, (DE).

More concretely - what to expect from your sparring/coaching?

If you are curious about what it could mean for you, you will find more information in the link below.

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